Today I got an email from a parent with the featured picture attached.  We are a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) school, using positive approaches to help students know what our expectations are in various settings around the school.  We believe that if we are clear with our expectations, students will do their best work and be more successful both behaviorally and academically.  Our school mascot is an owl (Hoot) and we give students WHOO card when we catch them doing what is expected.  Every two weeks, we draw one card per grade and the students get to bring a friend to lunch.  This one student in first grade wrote that one of her hopes is to get to have lunch with me and my assistant principal this year!  I love the fact that we help students AND they like to spend time with us!  So AWESOME! #fiskeschool #pbis @fiskeschool #happystudents