Books, books and more books.  I love them all! Last year, our local education foundation (Lexington Education Foundation) gave our school a community grant of $5,250.00, which was then also supplemented by the Fiske PTO and then I also infused money through our expense budget as well.  In all, we got $19,000 for books and some materials to “beef up” our book closet.  I am so grateful to work in a community that supports the needs of the school, and additionally, I am most appreciative of the work my literacy specialists have done to organize the books, create a database, and find ways to introduce teachers to all of the great resources we have available for students.  The featured image was taken this week and I’m so impressed with all the work and support we have gotten.  This is truly a gift to students and the school!  Thank you to all who have supported this endeavor…GREAT JOB! #fiskeschool @fiskeschool #bookcloset