Today I was thinking about school safety and reading some posts online about 9/11. There was some talk about school safety changing as a result of those awful events, however, many schools actually began improving school safety with shootings and other unfortunate circumstances that have endangered some of our youngest learners.  Like many other schools, our school works hard on being safe, however, the positive is that we also work hard on being welcoming as well.  We understand that need to protect students, but when they, along with visitors walk through our doors, we want them to feel welcomed and part of the school community.  Over the last few years, we’ve slowly been making upgrades to our office to increase efficiency along with safety.  As we’ve done that, I hope you can see from the featured image, we’ve also worked to try and make it welcoming too.  It is always about balance…safety, and a warm, welcoming environment. #fiskeschool @fiskeschool #schoolsafety