Last year, I put out an all call to the parent community, looking to see if I had anyone that would be able to build a lost and found storage unit for all of the items we collected throughout the year.  If you’ve worked in a school, you know that once the weather starts getting cooler, you quickly collect hats, gloves, sweatshirts, and many other articles of clothing.  Well, lucky us, one parent said he would build it and use the opportunity to have his son help with the project.  Our featured picture with this piece is the AMAZING lost and found storage unit they built!  It has shelves, bins, places for boots, shoes, and even a place to hang clothes!  I am so grateful for the thoughtfulness that went into building this.  Another reason I love my school community! #fiskeschool #lostandfound #lost #found #parentsupport @fiskeschool