“Old School vs New School”.  I laugh whenever I see this picture, and I do have the old student handbook in my office, a small piece of the past I found as I was cleaning out some files that I inherited a long time ago.  Thanks to one of my teachers who was also a parent at another school, we have a great lower tech communication tool called The Fiske Insiders Guide.  We’ve used it to combine our student handbook with our PTO information and other “nice to know” information.  We mail one of these out to every family with our summer mailing and we also give them to staff and of course, have them ready for new families.  I appreciate the collaboration we have with our PTO and that we create a guide that is helpful to families.  It is a bit more “polished” than the older version…and comprehensive as well, based on the times we’re living in.  #fiskeschool #collaboration #fiskeschoolpto #insidersguide