Each Wednesday afternoon, my assistant principal meets with our lunch and recess duty teachers to check in, review how things are going and see what we can do to support them as they work to keep students safe at school.  In order to have the time for them to meet, I cover the cafeteria with my third grade “friends”.  It’s a great opportunity to be with students and I get to talk to them and check in while I am covering.  I laugh, because it is me and 90 kids….I’ve got forks with me, ketchup bottles, I’m talking with them, telling jokes, and then trying to be organized and get them in and out of the cafeteria for our last lunch with kindergarten.  The kids do a great job for me…and it makes me appreciate why I love my job so much! Thank you third graders! #fiskeschool #lunchduty #meandmyfriends #coverage @fiskeschool