Today I was given the opportunity to speak to colleagues at the MESPA (Massachusetts Elementary School Principals Association) fall conference.  I presented on the work we are doing at Fiske related to RtI (Response to Intervention) and how we manage that work using Google Drive.  One of the things I loved most was that I got to showcase the work of my school and staff.  I always feel that they do the heavy lifting and I do the coordinating.  It was great to have about 30-40 colleagues in the room and have them ask questions, or share their successes with me related to RtI in their schools.  As always, I’m so appreciative of my staff and the work that they do on behalf of students! The opportunity to work with other principals was great and I am looking forward to having some visitors come to my school! #fiskeschool #rti #datateams #Google @fiskeschool