Phew!  I’ll admit here that I was a number of blog posts behind and the Thanksgiving holiday did not help, as I’ve been “hibernating” a bit here at home.  Over the past day I’ve worked to get caught up and once we get back to school, I’ll be back in the rhythm of things again.  I thought it would be relatively easy to keep up with posts each day when I entered into this project. In all honesty, it is pretty easy and I could even write less.  The challenging part has been my wanting to have actual pictures that I’ve taken used for each day’s post, rather than using clip art or stock photos.  The best part of writing this blog and keeping up with it, has been the fact that there are TONS of positive things happening at my school and therefore, content is never really an issue! This has been a great test of my perseverance and grit…I am determined to keep going! #fiskeschool #grit #perseverance #blogging #dontstop #positivethinking365 @fiskeschool