Over the past couple months, I’ve had some phone issues (cell phone) due to having gotten the Samsung Note 7 and having had to return it twice, which has meant I have had a temporary phone for a bit.  The good news is that my Google Pixel came in, and now I can reload the app for the Theta S, 360 degree camera that the school purchased.  The featured image shows the camera….super small!  I am hoping to create some videos for virtual tours of the school so that potential families can go onto the web site or click on a link and view it through devices such as Google Cardboard.  As always, Lexington, thank you for supporting the work of principals and helping me promote my school!  I’ll be gearing up to try this out in 2017! #fiskeschool #RicohThetaS #360degrees #camera #VR  #Promotion @fiskeschool