Wow!  That is my reaction after our participating in Global School Play Day!  Talk about an amazing day…so appreciative that my staff trusted me enough when I proposed the idea to them that they would support it.  Many students were quoted saying, “Today was the best day ever!”  It was great for teachers to see students learning through free, undirected play, which is the point of GSPD.  Our school chose to use the entire day for play, all directed by students.  The teachers absolutely loved seeing students interact with others, using creative skills they don’t normally see in the course of a school day, and of course, learning through the art of play.  THANK YOU Fiske Staff for trusting me and providing our students the gift of play and the chance to create on their own.  It was a truly amazing day for our students! #fiskeschool #gspd2017 #freeplay #play #learnduringplay @fiskeschool