As a principal, I sometimes laugh when I get a call in my office asking if kids can go outside, especially when the weather conditions are safe for students.  Of course, I appreciate people checking in with me because I know that they want to make sure our students aren’t too cold, or that they get wet, etc.  The featured image with this short post is our students outside playing in the snow on the playground.  They were so excited to go out while it was snowing, and of course, the picture came out great too!  We make sure they are inside if the temperature is below 18 degree with wind chill, however, if it is not rain and it is warm enough, we want them to be outside!  Despite the cold, it warmed my heart to see our kids out playing in the snow and having fun!  #fiskeschool #recess #snow #gooutside #fairweatherfriends @fiskeschool