The old expression goes, “It’s the little things in life.”  Well, let me just say, those little things can add up!  I do lots of work with visuals and presentations as part of my work as principal.  As a result, I went out and bought a blue tooth, remote clicker for slide shows, etc.  It is a small but great tool to give me more flexibility and not have to be “tethered” to the computer.  Well, after I misplaced my first one (the one I bought cost almost $50), I went out and bought a second one, only to have that one go missing too!  Imagine my surprise and excitement when I found it on the floorboard of my car between the door and the panel! A small tool that makes a big difference and I just saved $50 by finding it!  SCORE! 🙂  #clicker #remote #lost #found #grateful #money #fiskeschool @fiskeschool